1) Do not spam the chat after placing an order. All you need to do is type your order number and your username and someone will assist you ASAP.

2) Do not talk inside the game, except to say hello and thanks. Failure to follow this will result in ban from the shop.

3) Do not pretend to have ordered and provide a fake order number on the chat. Failure to allow this will result in immediate ban from the shop.

4) We are awake 20 hours a day. IF you order during the short time in which someone is not available to deliver your order, kindly just wait until you receive a reply, as we do our best to deliver orders quickly. You can always send a message on the chat BEFORE ordering to make sure someone is available to deliver your items right away.

5) If you are asked to verify your identity prior to receiving an order, you MUST do so or the items will not be delivered and you will be barred from making any future purchases.

6) You must be 18 years or older to make a purchase on this shop, OR have consent / assistance from an adult.